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TVP Technology Voucher Successful Examples 2020, probably the most reference examples let you understand the scope of funding

To successfully make an application for technology voucher, you have to know the details of the program
The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) subsidizes Hong Kong companies to upgrade their technology systems. Successful applications can get two-thirds of the project subsidy. For instance, if the cost of the web site management system is 150,000 yuan, the Innovation Technology Voucher Technology Voucher Program will subsidize 10 10,000 yuan, and the cumulative funding limit for each company is 400,000 yuan. So long as the basic application qualifications are met, the relevant technology voucher projects can enhance enterprise productivity, improve operational efficiency and improve market competitiveness, and the budget is reasonable and the quotation process meets the standard can be granted.

Forward-looking corporate leaders will elect to entrust a technology voucher consultant to assist in the application, that may reduce the pressure of internal staff, process the complicated technology voucher quotation process faster, and raise the chances of successfully applying for technology voucher with the help of the consultant's rich experience. Now we shall briefly introduce several successful types of technology voucher to you.

TVP顧問 of technology voucher
B2C (direct service user business) case

Uniform company: Customers can design uniforms and place orders by themselves through the website platform. Orders are automatically delivered to the production department. Employees in the production plant can use handheld devices to check on orders and manuscripts at any time to facilitate tabs on product quality.
Food delivery service: After the customer places an order, the system will automatically maximize ideal delivery instructions predicated on factors such as manpower, vehicle, delivery time and location, and based on the principles of resource saving and efficiency, in order to enhance the company's competitiveness.
Fitness School: The customer relationship management system has been upgraded to respond quicker to students? classroom scheduling requirements. Simultaneously, TVP顧問 takes into consideration the tutor?s work schedule and enough time between branch schools, etc., which saves a great deal of administrative work.

Optical company: Previously, a large number of eyewear designs needed to be managed and backed up, that was a waste of time and accidents. Now through the file management system, access and management become easy, also it can also ensure clear permissions and protect intellectual property rights.
B2B ( TVP to Business) case

Contractor: Use the resource management system (ERP) to control costs, supervise the progress of the project to raised control enough time required, and decrease the misallocation of resources caused by human error in some administrative work before.
TVP顧問 : Upgrade the warehouse management system, and at the same time improve the ability to manage engineering building materials and engineering machinery, and coordinate with the logistics management system to speed up the reaction to engineering needs and enhance market competitiveness.
Marketing activity planning:

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